Roman Tarnavsky



Inspired by nature in the Pacific Northwest, clean aesthetic design, and quality construction; my pieces are intended to blend art with functionality.

I never set out to become an artist. In my mid 30’s I found myself divorced and starting over. Looking for new furniture I could not find anything that was well crafted, to my tastes, and did not break the bank. I remembered back to high school shop class where I had a fair bit of success. Joining the Roundhouse community center I completed a number of courses, and although the first few projects were only meant to furnish my personal living space, I soon found a new creative outlet and hobby. The hobby became more serious when others loved my work and started asking for commissions. Today, I’m proud to work out of the Vancouver Community Laboratory in East Vancouver, where I also sit and assist as a member of the Board of Directors.

My current emphasis is on clean, simple lines and a minimalist style. My goal is not to stray far from the natural beauty of the raw materials, create heirlooms that will last generations, and enjoy the design & crafting process.

Sustainability, Ethical Manufacturing And Quality

The average piece of mass consumer products may only have a maximum lifespan of 10 years before they are either recycled or sent to landfills. I feel this pace is unsustainable for our Earth and would like to change that. I’d like to develop a deeper relationship between crafter and consumer, make products that last, and keep the manufacturing of our natural resources here in Canada.

Both the design & manufacturing process take place at the local Vancouver Community Laboratory, situated in Vancouver’s East Side. This neighborhood brings together like minded artisans, fabricators, trades people, and tinkerers under a co-operative umbrella; an urban manufacturing rarity.

Being the sole proprietor, I am able to control all aspects of manufacturing, from ethical sourcing of materials, to waste management, and good community standing; no corners are ever cut. As a result, my customers have an opportunity to more deeply connect to the story behind the products.