Becoming a Brand

Becoming a Brand

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This hobby has slowly grown into a passion. It started with a need. I didn’t have any furniture and couldn’t find anything that I wanted to purchase.

It progressed then to a curiosity. “how does this tool work? Can I do this to build that? “Does it look the same in my mind’s eye as fully constructed?” Now it’s a desire; I have an urge to create something that’s taken into a home and loved, fills a niche that can’t be found by mass market production, something that might be around long after I’m gone.

That’s a bit more serious than where I was a year ago. I’ve decided to take an extra step and develop my work into a brand; It’s not just my products though, it’s also *me*. Oof, feels weird.

Why do we bring a physical object into our lives? Functionality, aesthetic, momento, to give away. . . so many reasons. Swipe the Visa and it is instantly yours. It’s an amazing thing that we can do that so readily in our world, but sometimes it’s not enough. There is not much of a link between the consumer and creator, and as a result the things we acquire can be transient, disposable. Maybe we can do better?

Having worked in manufacturing for most of my life, I’ve seen that is not always done ethically. Waste and pollution, poor labour practices, prioritizing margins and earnings per share above all else. . . the list is quite long. Here it’s just me, and I can control all of those factors. I strive to buy from local, ethical suppliers, for example Van Urban Timber in Squamish. I work out of the Vancouver Community Cooperative, located in East Vancouver. My products are made from wood, a renewable resource, but I recognize that it is one that can be abused. As a result, 15% of sales goes to which does valuable work protecting, enhancing and sustaining our parks, while inspiring and connecting people to them. I diligently save up all my scraps and design projects with the purpose to absolutely minimize waste. And if I choose to work too long, well. . . that’s my decision.

So here is my brand, a vision that I would like to grow into, to represent my work and products that I make.